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Too much Good thing Can Be Bad Gary Howey

A warm sunny day can bring a lot of warmth to people, especially those of us who long to be outdoors after a long cold winter.
I know you have heard the old saying “too much of anything is not good for you!”
That holds true when it comes to spending too much time in the sun.

Sure, a good tan looks nice, but there is a thin line between a tan and skin cancer.
If you do not take some precaution too much sun can a life-changing event. It is a no brainer, as too much sun can and will lead to skin cancer!
I know what you are saying; skin cancer is something others get but not me. Do not believe it, because it can happen to anyone at any age.

When a patient hears the word cancer, it will scare you to death, literally.
Death was the first thing came to mind when they said I had skin cancer. I remember it like it was yesterday. I had gone in for an annual physical, thinking I was home free when a dermatologist stopped in to talk with my doctor.

He recognized me since he had seen our television series. We talked about hunting, fishing and the show. He asked how things were going and I told him things were going very well and during that conversation, he indicated if there was anything, he could do for me to let him know.
I mentioned there was a spot on my lip that had been there for some time. It was not a big spot, it did not hurt, just a spot that would break open from time to time.
He looked at it, talked with my doctor and told me he thought it was “Cancer”.
Of course my first thoughts were, I must have not heard him as my hearing isn’t the best, so I asked him to repeat it, the next words out of his mouth were “Cancer” and we’d better get a biopsy on it.

Say What, I thought, this can’t be as it’s been there forever, since I was in Viet Nam, it never really hurt and really hadn’t gotten any larger, at least on the outside.
I thought he had to be mistaken, but when he ordered me back in a couple of days for a biopsy, I really started to worry. [Read more…]