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Tick Borne Diseases & How to Protect Yourself Gary Howey

   If you look through your states Game, Fish and Parks, D.N.R. web page or calendars you are going to find all most of the hunting seasons, including deer, turkey, trapping, antelope and pheasant but there is one you will not find there, and that is the tick season.

   Just because you cannot find it listed, do not let that stop you from being prepared for this season in the same way you would prepare for any other season.

  Ticks are those small, sometimes minute disease-carrying insects found just about anywhere, you would find vegetation, grass and wooded areas.

   Once on your skin, they look for a warm moist area to embed themselves to gouge on your or your pets blood.

   They come out in the spring, about the time outdoorsmen and women head into the woods looking for morel mushrooms, wild asparagus or hunting turkeys.

  However, spring is not the only time you will see ticks as these pests hang around all summer on into the fall.

  There are two groups of ticks, the hard or soft ticks. In our area, you will run into the hard ticks, those we see in wooded, grassy, and densely vegetated areas.

  The soft ticks like to live in bird nests, on rodents, and on bats but either can find their way onto our bodies luckily, no species of ticks solely depend on in order to with some ticks are only found on a certain host; luckily and we are not one of them.

  Female tick can are good at what they do, and can lay an enormous number of eggs, anywhere from three thousand up to eleven thousand eggs, so we need to be aware of them and keep them from hitching a ride on us.

  There is really only one way to avoid the possibility of becoming infected with a tick borne disease and that is to avoid areas they inhabit, “DUH”, like that is going to happen, if you are an outdoorsmen or women like me who spends every spare moment we have, out in the field or woods.

  Since we know we are going to be “out and about”, in the same areas where ticks inhabit, here are a few simple precautions that can reduce your chances of a close tick encounter.

  Because ticks crawl upwards onto a host, it is a good idea to cut off any route they might have as they attempt to get on your skin. It is an excellent idea when you are out in the field and woods to tuck your pants legs into your boots.

  To keep ticks from going from your pants, under your shirt and onto your skin, tuck your shirt into your pants and for extra protection, you can tape your pant leg shut with duct tape.

  When out in the outdoors, it is a good idea to wear light-colored clothing whenever you are in an area where you may run into ticks. That way, ticks are easier to see before they find their way onto your body. [Read more…]