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Going deep with Lead Core by Gary Howey

  The thermometer says it’s close to 100 degrees out there, and everything getting “hot.” With temperatures like those that we’re having, the summer sun warms everything up, including the water, the warmer water forces fish to go deep to find comfortable water temperatures.

  To many anglers, it’s one of the toughest times of the year to catch walleyes, as deep-water fishing is something that many anglers don’t do that often.

 Some fish a deep-water using snap weight that’s attached to the line out in front of a crankbait, while others use bottom bouncers with spinners or crankbaits, which works fine until the fish you’re after suspended in the tops of submerged trees.

 If you’ve fished over submerged trees, you know the depth the trees lie in can vary from a few inches to a few feet.  If you’re fishing these areas using

bottom bouncers/spinners or with crankbaits, you’re going to be hung up and loose tackle.

  When going deep for walleyes is when Lead Core on a line counter reel really shines, allowing you to put your crankbait to the exact depth the fish are using. When you catch a fish, it allows you to return to about the same depth.

  What exactly is Lead Core and how does it work?

  The easiest way to describe Lead Core is that it’s a line where metered colored Dacron is woven around a lead wire core. It’s available in numerous pound tests including: 12, 15, 18, 27 and 45# with the breaking strength measured using the outside Dacron’s breaking strength.

  The heavier pound Lead Core take up a lot of room on a reel as it’s larger in diameter and contains more lead in its inside the Dacron sheath.

  When fishing Lead Core, I run 27# as it works well for the lakes that I fish.

 With the line you’re able to fish deep because the line sinks, allowing you to get your baits down where the fish are located during the heat of summer. [Read more…]


Going Deep when it’s Hot By Gary Howey

Here, lately, there have been days when I wondered if the warmer weather would ever get here. Right now, it may not seem like it, but have no fear when it arrives, it will be with a vengeance. When it does arrive, it will warm up quickly. This along with the higher humidity will be the perfect combination for nasty weather and of course, tougher fishing conditions.

This is the time of the year, when fish will have to adjust with numerous conditions. These will include low water, high water, rising water temperatures, rising, falling barometric pressure and the summer’s bright sunlight all making walleye fishing during this time of the year, the Dog Days of summer tough.

Anglers are going to need to adjust, heading for areas with deeper water, those with less sunlight penetration as this is where the fish will be located when temperatures heat up.  With the rise in water temperatures, walleyes and other species of fish will head deep, searching out comfortable water temperatures.

These deep-water haunts provide the cooler water temperature the fish need to survive when things heat up.  Another reason is their food source, the baitfish has moved down, bringing the predator fish with them.

There are several methods allowing you to take these Deep-Water fish; those that have worked well for me are leadcore line, snap weights or downriggers pulling crankbaits.  During this time of the year, the movement of the fish can vary drastically, especially just prior to a sever weather change. [Read more…]