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Fishing outlook is great at Devils Lake By Larry Myhre

Reprinted from the Sioux City Journal.

Anglers heading for North Dakota’s Devils Lake will find conditions to be a little bit different this year.

A very mild winter with very little snow has combined to result in very little runoff into the lake.

And that, says professional fisherman Johnnie Candle, who lives and guides on the big lake, will change fishing patterns. “We’re not going to have that big influx of water that causes fish to move into current areas,” he said. “Instead, you are going to have to look for areas of warmer water, which isn’t hard to do. Those shallow, dark bottom bays with early weed growth are going to be the key.”

Candle was in Sioux City for the Scheels Fish Fest activities at the Southern Hills Mall. He’s been on the walleye tournament trail since 1994 and has been guiding about 90 trips a year (in between tournaments) for the past 15 years. [Read more…]