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Where to Hunt Bucks in the “Second Rut”

M.O.-Game Keepers (1)
To know which tactics will best serve you during late season it’s best that you “take your herd’s temperature.” That means you need to know the “status” of the herd. Everything will hinge upon temperatures, if you have snow and whether or not there are does left that haven’t been successfully bred yet. Frequently there are does that aren’t bred or didn’t effectively conceive during the main rut, which in the northern half of the country will normally take place during mid-November, and as late as January in the deep south. If they haven’t been bred successfully they will come into heat 28 days later. And if “it” doesn’t happen that time they’ll come into estrus again 28 days after that. And under thriving conditions it is also possible for first year doe-fawns to come into heat their first time – this may happen anytime from December through February and occurs most often in areas where conditions are good and they have ample nutrition. [Read more…]