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  There aren’t too many fishing publications or fishing shows where you won’t hear the words structure mentioned several times.

  One thing is for sure, when you locate the structure in a body of water, you’re going to find the fish.

Structure, exactly what is it?  My definition of structure would be any difference or change appearing on the bottom.  At times, it might be large and at others, it’s minuscule.

  No matter what size or type of structure you find on a given body of water, it’s a good bet that there will be some aquatic life exists in the area.

 Know that we know that the fish you’re hoping to catch might be relating to some sort of structure in the lake, all you need to do is to locate the right piece of structure.

  This change in the bottom contour can attract many numerous different species of aquatic creatures.

  To make the underwater structure easier to understand let’s put it into above water terms; imagine a large pasture is your body of water with a large tree in the middle and a small clump of plum brush in the corner.

  Fish are like any other animal such as a deer or coyote and they enter the pasture, the first thing they’re going to see is these two changes or features in the field and they’ll be drawn to it.  If they were underwater, these changes would be called structure.

  The change doesn’t need to be huge, as it can be a slight depression on the bottom or areas where the bottom content changes from a soft mud bottom to one with hard gravel. I’ve caught fish around some structure so small, unless I had seen it when the water was low, I would have never known it was there. 

  It could be a few weeds, rocks, a hump, points the old river channel a submerged tree. It doesn’t have to be a drastic change; it just needs to be something different.


  Studies have shows us how fish relate to structure and how much is needed in order for the fish to be attracted to one particular area.

  In one study, largemouth bass where put into a round metal stock tank with no structure, which gave the fish nothing to relate to and they were scattered all over the tank.

  Then a few rocks where placed in the middle of the tank and things changed, as all of the fish moved onto the rock pile.

  The last part of this test really puts it into perspective.  They then painted a black circle on the bottom of the tank, which only changed the looks of the bottom, with the bass moving right on top of the circle, so you see even the slightest change in the bottom configuration or structure can and does attract fish.

  What draws these fish to these areas is simple; structure gives the fish everything they need. [Read more…]