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New South Dakota State Record Salmon

This is a photo of a 31.5 pound Salmon caught By Watertown Resident Darrick Koch in Lake Oahe and is the new S.D. State record. [Read more…]


South Dakota State Record Smallmouth

The fish, a female full of eggs, was 19 inches long and had a 19-inch girth.

“I’ve never seen anything so fat. It was so fat its eyes were bulging. It was a freak,” Held said.

Held caught the fish on a swim bait with a jig head, using an Alabama rig. Not legal in all states, but allowed in South Dakota, an Alabama rig allows an angler to fish with multiple hooks on one line.

“Basically it imitates a school of bait fish, like perch,” Held said. “I started the morning using jerk baits and then switched to the Alabama rig. I caught the fish on the second cast with the rig.”

To say Held caught the fish in a very brief space of time is not entirely accurate. The two had been scouting, studying and fishing Horseshoe Lake for three years. They began after reading that the previous state record was caught in the lake in October 2013. [Read more…]


New Nebraska State Record Paddlefish

The Nebraska state record for paddlefish was once again broken this year. On October 9th, 2015 Tom Keller, Malcolm, NE. snagged the new state record fish, a 113  pound 7 oz.fish which was 50″ long.State Record Pafflefish

Tom’s fish took the state record paddlefish honors from Louis Maring of Mern, NE. a who caught 107 lb. 12 oz. fish on October 6, 2014 below Gavins Point Dam near Yankton, SD.

The old state record fish had a jaw tag, a South Dakota jaw tag, tag number PP4568.  That tag was put in that fish back on June 2, 1992.  The fish was tagged below Ft. Randall Dam by a fellow South Dakota pointy-headed fisheries biologist that many of us know.  Way back in 1992 he tagged that fish as part of the research he was doing for his Master’s degree.  When the fish was tagged in 1992 it was 42 inches long (fork length) and weighed 49 pounds.

In 19 years that fish grew 9.75 inches and gained 58.75 pounds!  No aging of the fish was ever done, but it was likely in its teens or early 20’s when it was initially tagged and would have been approaching 40 years old when it was caught this fall!

It is likely that fish “lived” in Lewis & Clark Reservoir as that would explain the incredible growth and size of the fish.  Therefore, it is likely that fish moved out of Lewis & Clark with all the water that flowed through that system this summer and as fate would have it, ended up meeting Louis in the Gavins Point tailwaters this fall.


Potential New South Dakota State record Perch

Team Outdoorsmen Adventures member Don Fjerstad, Watertown, South Dakota, the Host of KWAT Outdoors sent us this photo of a potential new South Dakota state record Perch. The fish weighed in at 2.86-pounds and was caught on Bitter in N.E. South Dakota by Chase Jensen, Aurora, S.D.

[Read more…]