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“ICOMOLD” Helping Quik-Load Get their Product to Market

A certain number of our customers are entrepreneurs – inventors and marketers with an idea for solving a problem, and they invent a plastic product to do just that.

Such is the case with Kevin Jensen of Quik Products, LLC, who came to us for help in turning his idea into a reality by manufacturing his invention for him.

Kevin is an avid sportsman and hunter, and he experienced the frustration of trying to field-load his .22 rifle in the cold months in his hometown of Sioux Falls, SD. He fumbled around with his gloves on trying to load the shells, and ended up dropping them on the ground.

When he would take his gloves off, his fingers quickly got too cold to effectively load his .22 LR shells one-by-one. It also didn’t help that Kevin suffers from arthritis.

This led Kevin to invent Quik-Load, an ammo caddy that quickly loads .22 LR, .22 mag, or .17 HMR shells into tube-fed type rimfire rifles. With a 17 round capacity, the Quik-Load saves a lot of time compared to having to load a tubular magazine one-by-one.

Problem solved. No more dropping shells on the ground and struggling to load a rifle in the cold. Simply fill the Quik-Load ahead of time when you’re warm, dry and clean. With its 17 round capacity, you can fully load your magazine in just seconds.Quik-Load-loaded 1jpg

The Quik-Load works by pulling the inside part of the two-piece loader while holding it over the magazine. As it slides across the top of the magazine tube, the cartridges drop into the tube by gravity. It literally only takes a second or two for a full load.

Because of the way Kevin designed the Quik-Load, it’s virtually impossible to drop shells on the ground. When positioned on the magazine, the shells drop right into the tube, in rapid succession. It’s so easy to use, the Quik-Load can even be operated safely using only one hand. [Read more…]