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No Deer Down-It’s Still a Successful Hunt! By Gary Howey

Off to our right, several does made their way through the cedars along the creek bottom and moved into the far end of the field. In the distance, I caught the glint of a buck’s antler. It was a small buck trailing a doe and small fawn. The buck was in no hurry, cautiously making his way in the general direction of our ground blind. As he drew nearer, I felt the deer’s keen senses would give away our location. I was doing my best to limit the movement of my hand-held nine-pound camera. Oh how I wished I had brought along one of our tripods. I did my best to steady it as my arms informed me the camera seemed to be closer to twenty-pounds than nine. If the deer would turn its back or move behind some brush, I could re-position the camera and get the blood flowing back into my arms. The buck, would occasionally glance in our direction, but had not noticed the shaggy looking blind nestled among the cedar trees. The buck stood there, just a mere twenty yards from us, browsing on acorns scattered on the ground. [Read more…]


Muzzleloaders The old and the new! By Gary Howey

December is just around the corner and for those of us who enjoy hunting, have another opportunity to hunt deer, this time using with our muzzleloaders.

Muzzleloader permits in Nebraska, are unlimited, and purchased on-line or from Nebraska permit vendors.

The muzzleloading season in the Cornhusker state opens shortly after the close of our rifle deer season, opening on December 1st running through December 31st.

In Nebraska, muzzleloader hunters have the opportunity to tag a buck, as Nebraska muzzleloader permits are either sex permits.

In years past, scopes weren’t allowed when hunting with a muzzleloader.

This changed later when scopes up to one-power were allowed on muzzleloaders, which to some hunters was worse than using iron sights.

Later that regulation changed as all scopes now being legal on muzzleloaders.

In South Dakota, permits for muzzleloaders are also unlimited. The South Dakota muzzleloader season has three permits, the any deer, doe and the two doe permits with the season’s opening the same as Nebraska, opening on December 1st and continuing through December 31st. [Read more…]