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Slim Jim may be best bucktail jig ever by Larry Myhre

     Reprinted from the Sioux City Journal

    The road from Winnipeg to Grand Rapids, Manitoba, is a long one.

     Highway 6 shoots north along the west side of that inland sea known as Lake Winnipeg. It is a land of sloughs, lakes and rivers winding through a plateau of trees and open lands.

     It was sometime in the early 1970s that I last travelled this road, a passenger in a car piloted by Lacey Gee. We were on our way to fish Cross Bay which is located on huge Cedar Lake, just a few miles west of Grand Rapids.

     For a long stretch along this road there is no sign of civilization. Weary of travel, Lacey pulled the car over after crossing a small stream.

     “I’ll bet that river is full of walleyes,” Lacey said. “Let’s give it a try.”

     I tied on an eighth-ounce lead head jig that Lacey had invented just for walleye fishing. [Read more…]