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Heat Dog on hard on your hunting dog By Gary Howey

It is that time of the year when mornings can be cool and by noon unseasonably warm. If we dress for the cooler mornings temperatures you are over dressed and by mid afternoon, when the sun started to warm things up.

As temperatures warm up, the heat is going to take its toll on our hunting dogs.

Can you imagine what it is like for a hunting dog, having been in a kennel the biggest part of the year and as the season opens, trying to cover large fields on these warm days? They are covering at least twice the ground we are, nose to the ground, head in the dust and dirt, running back and forth across the field of heavy cover, unable to sweat or release heat from their body except by panting and they do it all while wearing a fur coat.

This could be a death sentence to a dog if they are overweight and out of shape, as a hunting dog will keep going until they can go no further and drop.

One of the things you can do prior to the season would be to get yourself and your dog in shape.

Imagine what type of shape you would be in if you spent most of the year inside a kennel, let out to run only for short periods each evening , then taken out into the field during hunting season and be expected to run hard for hours on end without becoming tired? Dogs should be worked on a regular basis in order to stay in shape, which can be tough when their owner holds down a full time job. Some kennels are large enough allowing the dog to get a little exercise, but not enough to get them in top shape. Dogs are like humans when it comes to getting exercise, we need someone like an owner or a wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend to get us to do it. Like humans, if not given the opportunity to run or forced to exercise, most dogs will simply lie around, becoming over weight and out of shape. The alternative to running your dog regularly is to take him on brisk walks, which takes very little time and the exercise it gives you will do you good.

Another thing that hunters forget to take into consideration when they hunt early season is the heat when their hunting dogs really take a beating. [Read more…]