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It may happen, And when it does-Fishhook Removal By Gary Howey

Nothing will spoil a great day of fishing quicker than having a hook embedded in your finger or other part of your anatomy.

If you do much fishing, as many of us do, the day may come when it happens to you or your fishing partner.

It can happen quickly, when you pull on your line to free a hung up lure or when you are trying to remove a lure or hook from a fish that is flopping around.

My tournament partner, fishing partners and I had it happen, when a hook embeds in an ear, nose, leg or other parts of the body.

When it happens, a person’s first reaction is to simply yank it out, well believe me, that is not going to work and will be painful, even if the hook is stuck just below the skin.

I hate to say it, but I have had to remove hooks from my fishing partners and had them remove a fishhook from my thumb.

But, as my partner and I found out, if it is a treble hook, when more than one of the hooks embedded, a trip to the emergency room may be the your only alternative!. [Read more…]