"Put the Power of Television advertising to work for you"


The Speedy Sharp “The World’s Fastest Sharpener”

  I am a decent hunter and fisherman, one who is on an outdoor  television show each week throughout  the year, but a person who never seems to have the time it takes to sharpen myr knives, then you will want to read on as this tool makes even those like myself,  those who were poor at sharpening knives and other tools to be as close to being a knife sharpening expert as you are ever going to get.

  I recently received the Speedy Sharp, a small hand held sharpener with a carbide blade, advertised as “The World’s Fastest Sharpener” and after using it twice, I am convinced, it is the fastest sharpener I have ever used.

  It is easy to use as all you need to do to put a fine edge on your knife or other  tools, is to  hold the Speedy Sharp at a slight angle to your knife edge and tilted away from your knives surface and slide the sharpener from the from the handle to the point of the blade. Then  repeat this above step on the underside of the blade. To finish the edge, by running the Speedy Sharp, three to five strokes, giving you  a super sharp edge on your knife.

What a great product, made in the USA that allows, even someone like me who has had trouble sharpening knives and other tools to make quick work of sharpening my dullest knives. It’s an amazing product!

Check out their web site at  www.speedysharp.com