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Lake Oahe Mid-Summer Walleyes By Eric Brandreit

Without a doubt May and June might produce some of the best walleye fishing that South Dakota has to offer.   The saying “fish are jumping in the boat” can be as close to reality as it comes with almost every type of bait and lure being productive. As the summer grows, the water warms and the baitfish hatch, naturally slowing fishing success.

Hearing that half the summer is over once the 4th of July passes on the calendar, many turn to camps and family vacations. With the weather turning hot to say the least, many try to take advantage of the weather knowing what is coming in the upcoming months.   Surprisingly, many boats get parked for a siesta convinced that the fish just aren’t hungry. Do you think that walleyes just take the months of July and August off from eating? Not a chance!

Having not quite the 10,000 lakes like our neighbor, it still can easily be said that South Dakota is rich in lakes teaming with fish of all species.   What is very different from neighboring states lakes is often water depth. In marginal depth lakes, mid-summer walleyes scatter and migrate to weedy areas seeking food and shade decreasing angling success. [Read more…]