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Getting High on Deer Hunting By Gary Howey

The buck was at least two hundred fifty yards out and if something didn’t divert him, he would walk right into the shooting lane I had cleared during pre-season, well within bow range.

  As he dropped into a swale, I cautiously took my bow from the holder, attached my release to the string and waited for him to come over the rise.

 As he came back up on the trail, he glanced from side to side and then stopped,  I knew he couldn’t smell me as the wind was in my face and before coming out had used every scentless product available, using a good cover scent before making my way to my stand.  Once I was there, I checked the wind again, just to make sure it hadn’t changed.

  I was sure I had done everything I needed to do, as I wasn’t moving; my tree stand was camouflaged, as were my bow, face, hands, clothing, backpack and boots.

  The buck stopped, its head moved slowly from right to left, then raised and lowered his head, stomped the ground, snorted and that was the last I saw of him.  I didn’t have any idea as to what has had spooked him; it just didn’t make any sense.

  Somehow, the buck knew I was there but how could he do it, I was motionless, had my stand high in the tree and yet it had me pegged.

  Anyone who has spent much time hunting deer had a similar experience and been busted by a deer’s keen senses.  Most of us have spooked a deer and left scratching our heads, trying to figure out what happened. [Read more…]