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If you want to catch fish It has to be Fresh By Gary Howey

Over the years, I fished with several anglers that would use his “Not” so live bait until it would no longer stay on the hook. It wasn’t that they didn’t have the money to buy fresh bait, I think they over did the “If you don’t have your hook in the water, you aren’t going to catch fish” bit. It amazed me why they refused to understand why others caught more fish than they did.
Fresh live bait will catch fish, bait that is beat up, torn or damaged may catch a few fish, but not as many as fresh live bait will.
I know you have heard the warm weather excuse, when it is hot; bait is just hard to keep alive. I know that is true, but by spending a little time and a few bucks, you are going to save money on live bait as when you want to use it, it will be there swimming or squirming around not floating belly up or decaying before your eyes.
Where I live, there are hundreds of nightcrawlers out when it rains and we can pick our own.
To keep my crawlers fat and healthy I keep them in Frabill Fat N Sassy Worm Bedding, it’s pre-mixed so you don’t need to add water, you don’t need to worry about adding to much water to your mixture as it’s ready for your bait. Unlike some bedding that may mold or get sour, Fat N Sassy is biodegradable, it has a built in food source with a one pound box large enough to hold three dozen night crawlers or nine dozen of the smaller worms.
I empty the box into a Styrofoam or some other type of cooler, place the worms on top of the bedding, checking them the next day and any worms left on the top, I discard, as they are hurt and will kill all of the worms once they start to die. [Read more…]