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Why not begin collecting vintage fishing tackle By Larry Myhre

Reprinted from the Sioux City Journal
While I’ve never considered myself a “collector” of old fishing tackle, it sure seems like I have “accumulated” an awful lot of vintage tackle over the years.
I recently came across five large cardboard boxes with “Old fishing tackle” written in felt-tipped pen on the outside of each. Vaguely, I remember boxing this stuff up and putting it away. Must have been in the late 1980s.
In those days just about everybody’s grandpa, if he fished, had an old tackle box. Often it was filled with lures and spoons from the 1940s and 1950s. If you frequented rummage sales and auctions some good finds of vintage tackle could be found.
I suppose that has changed today. Most of those old tackle boxes filled with collectible lures are gone.
But, eBay has taken their place.
Just spend a few minutes on this popular auction site. You’ll find hundreds of old lures, reels and other collectibles available. [Read more…]