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M.O.-Game Keepers (1)With the warmer months of summer approaching quickly, archery season for big game is starting to feel not so distant. Some states have whitetail, elk, and mule deer seasons that start as early as mid August. It’s a cliché statement that’s it’s never too early to begin some practice shooting but it’s the truth. I committed last year to start shooting in June in preparation for archery season and a mid November hunt in the Midwest, I fully believe the extra practice paid off as I had to make a difficult 46 yd shot on the last day of the hunt.

  1. Practice

Weekly practice doesn’t have to be a chore, shooting a few dozen arrows 2-3 days a week can really help you stay tuned in to your equipment and form.

  1. Confidence

I still get excited anytime I’m fixing to get a shot on a whitetail, plenty of practice ahead of time gives you the confidence you can make the shot even with some buck fever. [Read more…]