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It’s all about Presentation! By Gary Howey

  In the past, we talked about locating fish by finding the structure where they’re located. This column will deal with attracting and catching fish once, you’ve located them.

  Presentation is the method you present or deliver your bait to the fish; it’s the key to catching fish because without correct presentation, you’re simply anchoring your bait on or close to the bottom.

  The way you present your bait is important, no matter what bait you’re using, you need to make your bait smell, sound, taste and appear lifelike.

  The key to this is the line, if you’re using too heavy of test or weight of line, it can make your bait appear very unnatural, as it will run through the water in circles or appear erratic.

  Since heavier line has more memory or coiling effect than lighter line, when used with a lighter lure, it won’t appear natural.  If the fish does grab your bait these coils or line memory will create problems not only feeling the bite, but also in setting the hook as you have to deal with all the slack in line in the coils.

Heavier line also has more resistance so it will take more time to reach the bottom. This is especially important when trolling crankbaits as heavier line doesn’t allow your crankbait to dive as deep as the lighter line.

  Another thing that will affect your presentation when using crankbaits, is the way your bait runs through the water and the first thing you should do before trolling a crankbait is to run it along the side of the boat, making sure that it’s tuned or runs correctly.

Your crankbait should run straight not off to either side.  If it runs off to one side or the other, you need to bend the eye, the wire that comes out of the bait in the opposite direction the bait is running.

  Don’t overdo it, as a slight bend is all that’s needed to tune or make your crankbait run correctly and to appear more lifelike. [Read more…]