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The Importance Of Pollinators

Do you know where your food comes from? It’s said that pollinators, like honey bees, are directly responsible for over 1/3 of the world’s food production, and they are linked to the other 2/3! Few realize how important pollinators are to our food plot crops, let alone the food “colony collapse disorder” that has been devastating North America’s honey bee population since 2006. It is a phenomenon in which worker bees from a honey bee colony suddenly disappear! 

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Shallow water Perch Bite On Big Stone By Gary Howey

  The red line below my tungsten jig on my Vexilar locator rose up from the bottom slowly indicating a fish was moving up to my bait. Peering down into the clear water, I could see the perch moving up to the same level as my jig.

  I twitched my bait ever so slightly as the perch moved in on it and inhaled my micro jig and wax worm. As I brought my rod up, I felt the added weight and set the hook bringing the first of the numerous perch we would take on this trip.

  Team Member Larry Myhre, Sioux City, Iowa and I were ice fishing on Big Stone with Tanner Arndt, a guide from Artie’s Bait & Tackle of Ortonville, Minnesota.  Tanner knew the lake as Larry and I had spent time on the water with him on a spring fishing trip, one where we caught good numbers of crappie, bluegill and bass.

   Ortonville lies along the east shore of Big Stone and is a thriving community; with excellent schools, new housing developments, a large hospital, year round recreation possibilities, an eighteen-hole golf course and an area where you will not find finer people.

  Big Stone is a large lake, part of the waters forming the border between northeastern South Dakota and Western Minnesota. It is one of the numerous glacial lakes found in South Dakota and Minnesota, a twenty-six miles long body of water averaging around one mile wide.

  On this trip, we were after perch, one of the numerous species of fish that inhabit the lake along with walleye, northern pike, bass and bluegill.

  Perch, have a tendency to cruise throughout the lake, not spending much time in one location and when our indicators showed perch under our house, we did our best to get them to hit our lures before they moved on.

  If they moved off my bait, depending on the direction they were going, we would let each other know they were on their way, giving each a little warning to be ready and to look for them to arrive.

  It was early February, when it can be a the slow time for ice anglers as the fish moved from their early ice bite where they were still feeding and it would be a good month away before  late ice when the fish began to feed again.

  This was the time of the year, when to a falling barometric pressure seemed to be a good sign, as when the pressure dropped, the fish seemed to be a little more eager to take our baits.

  We were in one of Artie’s Ice Castles, a large icehouse equipped with lights, heat, and television, fold down beds. cooking stove and a bathroom, which allowed us to fish very comfortably beings the outside temperatures, were well below zero.

  I was running the camera, so Larry and Tanner kept me busy and when, my Vexilar showed fish below me, I had an opportunity to catch a fish or two, some were keepers while others, the smaller perch we released.

  We were using small tungsten jigs, as tungsten is heavier than other metals, allowing you have smaller heavier baits that sink quickly down to where the fish are holding.

  There were times when the fish were so tight to the bottom were they moved in quickly or when they were tight to the bottom when Tanner or I became spotters for Larry, watching the fish move in on his bait and when it sucked in his bait, told him to set the hook.

  Throughout the day, schools of fish moved in under our Ice Castle, where we would pick up a fish or two and when things slowed, one of us would switch rods and put down attractor bait, a small Jiggin Rap, rattle spoon or some other larger bait to draw fish into our area.

  This was a tactic our late friend Jim McDonnell, of Royal, Iowa used quite often, taking it to an extreme, using a larger spearfishing decoy to attract the fish. [Read more…]


Northeast Nebraska and Southeastern South Dakota Upcoming Events


* Saturday February 24-South East Mark Deffenbaugh Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation Banquet @ Minerva’s-Yankton, S.D. beginning @ 5:30 pm for more information contact Jason Kral @ 605-665-0444


* Saturday April 21-Friends of the NRA Banquet-Newcastle, NE. Fire Hall beginning @ 5:30 pm for more information contact selectpartsjeff@aol.com or call Jeff Attema @ (712) 212-5287


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New Products at SHOT Show 2018 By Gary Howey

  With all of the meteorologists in the area predicting heavy snow and wind, and not sure where the blizzard would hit while predictions up to fifteen inches of snow, I did not want to miss my flight from Sioux Falls to Las Vegas for the SHOOTING HUNTING and OUTDOOR TECHNOLOGY, the SHOT Show.

  I hate to be late and with a blizzard forecast, I figured it would be better to be at the airport ahead of time and not stranded along the road in a blizzard. 

  I departed home early, before 11:00 Sunday the January 21, making my way to Sioux Falls to catch my 8:57 pm flight to Vegas.

  My timing was perfect, and even though I arrived early and had several hours to blow, I made my flight, which was the last flight out before the Sioux Falls airport shut down because of the blizzard.  

  The SHOT Show, a four-day convention where manufacturers of products used in shooting and by hunting enthusiasts, the military and police proudly displayed their products to buyers from throughout the world.

  I would be in Las Vegas, six days, hoping to cover at least part of the huge show held at the Sands Expo Convention Center.

Outdoor Edge Razor Lite Knives

  Because I collect knives, one of my first stops would be at the Outdoor Edge booth, where they have knives and accessories for about anything an outdoorsmen like myself would or could need in the great outdoors. [Read more…]