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SHOT Show-2015 What’s New for the Outdoorsmen Part 1 By Gary Howey

We just returned from spending three days at the Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Technology (SHOT) Show in Las Vegas held at the Sands Convention Center. This is a huge event bringing together manufacturers, hunters, shooters, press, military, police, mass merchandisers, gun shop owners, sporting goods store owners and celebrities, those of us that live and breathe the shooting sports. At the show, thousands of exhibitors display some of the latest’s and greatest products coming to market in 2015.

If you are looking for anything to do with shooting, this is where all the new products are introduced.

In our next two columns, we will highlight some of those products that should make your next trip to the field and range much more enjoyable and successful.

Lucky Duck Flapper Canada Goose Decoy with Remote

Over the years, our Team has hunted over hundreds of decoy spreads all over the U.S. These spreads have drawn brought ducks and geese in, with those with decoy movement involved bringing the waterfowl in quicker, getting them to commit, bringing them in, wings set, and feet down, right out in front of our hunters.

This last season one of the hunters we hunt with brought the Lucky Flapper Canada Goose Decoy with a Remote, which increased the number of geese coming to our decoys tremendously.

It is a life size Canada Goose Decoy with a Flocked Head, featuring durable flapping magnetic EVA wings, which makes for easy setup.

The unit comes with a remote control, twelve-volt battery, charger and metal tripod base. It runs continuous or intermittent-3 seconds on, and then 10 seconds off with variable speeds.

The head of the decoy is thirty-six inches off the ground with a wingspan of forty-three inches. The remote will work out to 100 yard from the decoy, running up to 9 hours continuous on one charge.

More information on this and other Lucky Duck decoys available at www.luckyduck.com

Winchester Deer Season XP Ammunition

Deer hunting is a popular sport in North America with over 10 million hunters who wait for the deer season in hopes of tagging one of the estimated 26 million deer found in the United States.

There is not a lot of ammunition made specifically for deer hunting, the majority of the deer hunters out there have been using ammunition built for a variety of animals, with much of the available ammo, overbuilt for hunting a thin-skinned animal such as the deer. Those bullets have did a good job over the years, what Winchester was looking for was a bullet made specifically for deer hunters.

Their Deer Season XP has went through testing this past year, with excellent results dropping deer in their tracks.

Nothing is worse than to have to blood trail an wounded deer and possibly loosing it, with Winchesters new Extreme Point bullet in Deer Season XP it has the ability to efficiently dump all its energy in that 200 to 250 pound animal.

Photo # 2

Winchester Deer Season XP Ammunition is made specifically for deer hunters, features the Extreme Point Bullet that has the knockdown power to drop a deer in its tracks.

The secret to its knockdown power is what Winchester calls Maximum Impact Diameter. Their Extreme Point bullet features a larger polymer tip extending farther back into the bullet and the sledgehammer like face results in more rapid expansion and greater trauma during the first five to six inches of penetration.

Winchester is offering Deer Season XP in a single bullet weight for each of the eight popular deer cartridges in the line—which includes .243, .270, .270WSM, 7mm Magnum, .308, .30-06, .300 Magnum and .300 WSM. The Winchester Deer Season XP Ammunition will be available in late April. More information on the what bullet weights are available can be found at www.winchester.com

ICOtec GC500 Electronic Game Call

If you have not had the opportunity to do some predator calling, you do not know what you are missing as calling in any animal especially a predator is an exciting sport. It is not very hard to do, especially when using an electronic call.

New this season for predator callers, light goose hunters and other outdoor enthusiists is the ICOtec GC500 Programmable Electronic Game Call. Coyotes and other predators are having a growing impact on the whitetail deer herds across America and are in need of control, giving outdoorsmen and women another hunting opportunity.

The GC500 comes with twenty-four calls and offers an outstanding remote technology with up to 300 yards with no line of sight required to activate the main speaker unit. Hunters, using the remote, can also activate an electronic decoy that can plug into the main speaker unit.

Photo # 1

The new ICOtec GC 500 is a programmable caller with twenty-four calls that can be programmed for up to 200 calls.

You no longer have to worry about programming or long number sequences that need to be memorized in order to play a high quality audio call, just simply press one button and the call does the work for you. Once the call has played, the unit pauses for 30 seconds and then replays the sequence, continuing until you press the stop button. If you want to record your calls using a mouth call, it is easy with the new GC500. All calls are loaded and played directly from a standard size SD Media Card. Any custom call you make is saved as an .mp3 or a .wav (16 bit or less) file format.   There is no limit to the length of time the GC500 will play, if the call is 30-minutes long, the unit will play a 30-minute call sequence, pause for 30-seconds and then repeat the call for 30-minutes. The ICOtec GC 500 is an easy to use programmable call that will make your next trip to the field more successful.

More information on all of the ICOtec products can be found at www.icotec.com

Wood N’ Stream Boots With Odor Control Technology

If you hunt big game, you know how keen their sense of smell is. This is why; two companies have teamed up to offer the footwear industry’s newest odor-control technology. The Weinbrenner Shoe Company and 3M have partnered together to use 3M Platinum odor control insulation technology in a selection of their 2015 Wood N’ Stream boot collection. These boots are built to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Available in the fall 2015 in a variety of Wood N’ Stream boots, including their Instigator, Gunners, Maniac, Navigator, and Endeavor Extreme series. In addition to the 3M Platinum technology in the boots mentioned above, Wood N’ Stream will release more American-made styles to include eight different lines of high-quality footwear in 2015. More information on Wood N’ Stream boots can be found on line at www.weinbrennerusa.com/dspNavCategory.cfm?rootid=124

Hunter’s Specialties Hen Decoy

Hunters Specialties is adding to their Snood’s Decoy line this season, with their new Penny Snood Feeding Hen Turkey Decoy, which depicts a wild turkey hen in a natural relaxed feeding position.

I have used the Snood decoys this last season, they allow me to set up quickly and when I am ready to head for my next set up, quickly deflate them, stash them in my vest and head down the road

The lightweight Snood decoys are incredibly lifelike with highly realistic head and feather detail. Painted with specially formulated no-flake paint for lasting durability season after season, the built-in air valve allows the decoys to be quickly inflated and set up. The decoy, constructed with a durable expanded rubber that resists creases and dents and folded for easy transport.

Works all season long, especially in late season when hens are off by themselves. This decoy is exceptionally lifelike with its iridescent no-flake paint. Made of expanded rubber to prevent creases and dents which allows me to fold up the decoy for easy transport. Included is the dual position Strut Stake allowing you to place the decoy high or low. More information on the Snood decoys is found at www.hunterspec.com