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Some thoughts about the ones that got away By Larry Myhre

Reprinted from the SiouxCity Journal.

It came charging in. It’s paws pounding the frozen soil so hard it sounded like a horse on the gallop.

My thumb found the safety on my .243. I turned my head to see what was running in, and stared right into the face of a coyote sitting on its haunches not 12 feet away, tongue lolling out in a kind of half smile. But behind that one another was charging in and making all the noise.

“Shoot him, shoot him!” Gary yelled.

But my gun was attached to a bipod and set up to shoot downhill in front of us. I couldn’t get on either coyote, and they were both on the run away from us and into a ravine and then were gone. [Read more…]


Mid Season Ice By Gary Howey

As I mentioned in earlier columns, first ice is generally the best time to ice fish, when the fish are still not into their winter routine.

Last week Team Outdoorsmen Adventures Member Larry Myhre, good friend Anthony Thoene and I decided to hit the ice and do some Mid Season ice fishing.

Our main concern would be the quality of the ice, as the warm weather had really started to cause some ponds to open up.

I checked the pond the night before and noticed there were a couple of spots along the shoreline with open water, but the rest of the pond had a good six to eight inches of ice. [Read more…]


Half a Tree Can Be Worth More Than a Whole

Winter months offer a great time to do woods-work on your property. One of the techniques that pay off during this time of the year is hinge-cutting (Video) maples, poplar and other softwood species. Hinge-cutting refers to cutting partially through a tree and felling it or pushing it over so that it remains connected to the stump and root system. This becomes an immediate browse source for your herd, but because you leave it connected to the root system it will continue to produce browse and cover for years to come. Other species can also be hinge-cut, it’s just the soft wood species offer some of the best browse available. [Read more…]


Fish play hard to get on Nebraska farm pond By Larry Myhre

HARTINGTON, Neb. — The fish showed up as a red line on the Vexilar flasher. It was just below another red line which was my tiny, tear drop jig tipped with a waxworm.

The two red marks merged. My eyes left the flasher and concentrated on the strike indicator at the tip of my short, ice fishing rod. The indicator dipped ever so slightly and stayed there. I lifted the rod until I felt the fish and then swept up with a gentle hook set. There was a tug of resistance and then nothing.

The bite had been so fine I don’t think the tiny jig was in the fish’s mouth. The resistance was probably the fish pulling the waxworm off the hook.

Sure enough. When I reeled in to check, the hook was bare. [Read more…]


More Gun Control Is Not the Answer By Gary Howey

There are Americans that want more and more gun control, some want to take our second amendment right, “The Right to Bear Arms” way from us.

With all of the crazy things that are going on in the world, this would be exactly what terrorists, thieves and those unstable individuals would love. If the public is disarmed, it makes it a lot easier for these individuals to go about doing whatever they want.

Many of these anti-gun fanatics are those elected congressional officials in Washington, DC. the people that run our country and have no clue when it comes to guns and the thousands of gun laws we currently have. [Read more…]


Potential New SD Record Typical Whitetail

Pending acceptance by the Pope & Young Club and Boone & Crockett Club, South Dakota will have a new state record archery typical whitetail, and even more significantly, a new all-time state record. Measured on January 20th by SD official B&C and P&Y measurers Stan Rauch and Craig Oberle, the mega-buck scores 194 1/8. [Read more…]


The “In” Between Time of the Year By Gary Howey

This is the time of the year, we call the “in” between” seasons because hunting is winding down and in some areas; the weather has not been cold enough to build what I would call good ice. We are in between seasons or things we can do in the outdoors.

If you are going to do any ice fishing, you will have to head north to find any “good” ice.

The ice fishing in northeastern South Dakota is going strong, as there is good ice and good fishing on most of the Glacial Lakes and sloughs.

If you are going to ice fish anywhere, exercise caution, as the ice in some areas is thin! [Read more…]


The smell of skunk is the smell of success By Larry Myhre

Reprinted from the Sioux City Journal.

This happens every time we encounter a dead skunk on the road.

“Pee-yew, skunk,” Fran aways says, her nose all wrinkled up and eyes looking at me like it was all my fault.

Me, I give her a half smile and say, “Smells like success to me.”

I guess only an old skunk trapper could understand that. But, it’s true. Every time I smelled that on my trapline as a farm kid, it meant money in my pocket. [Read more…]


Cold Weather & Hardwater Angling By Gary Howey

Some folks may wonder about those of us who spend time ice fishing, to be honest with you, there are times I wonder about it myself. Wondering why we would leave a warm lodge when the wind chill is minus thirty degrees the answer is simple, we Love it!

Last week our crew, Team Outdoorsmen Adventures members Larry Myhre, Sioux City, IA. Scott Ulrich, Hartington, NE. and I made our way north to Hidden Hills Lodge, Roslyn, S.D. On this trip, we would be fishing the ice-covered Glacial Lakes in search of perch and walleyes.

We would be joining good friend Casey Weismantel, Aberdeen C.V.B. HuntFishSD.com Austin Kaus, S.D. Tourism, travelsd.com/tourism Greg Liebel, East River Guide Service, dakotasportsman.com, ice-fishing pros from Clam clamoutdoors.com and Vexilar vexilar.com.

[Read more…]