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More Gun Control Is Not the Answer By Gary Howey

There are Americans that want more and more gun control, some want to take our second amendment right, “The Right to Bear Arms” way from us.

With all of the crazy things that are going on in the world, this would be exactly what terrorists, thieves and those unstable individuals would love. If the public is disarmed, it makes it a lot easier for these individuals to go about doing whatever they want.

Many of these anti-gun fanatics are those elected congressional officials in Washington, DC. the people that run our country and have no clue when it comes to guns and the thousands of gun laws we currently have.

Stone's Watertown Pheasant hunt with 3 SD DU stamp winners

If the anti-gun people have their way, all guns could be banned and sports such as pheasant hunting could be affected.

These people are surrounded by security personnel armed to the teeth, yet preaching anti-gun rhetoric.

I hear so-called news media screaming bloody murder about the machine guns and automatic weapons readily available from gun dealers and at gun shows.

When in fact, automatic rifles have been illegal in the U.S. since 1994, with California, the state anti-gun advocate Senator Dianne Feinstein represents, from a state that banned automatic weapons back in 1989. As far as machine guns, civilians have been restricted from owning machine guns since 1934.

I’m sure most of you, outdoorsmen and women, those who read outdoor columns on a regular basis know more about guns than many of those representing us in Washington D.C. and those demanding more gun laws. Many folks out there do not know the difference between semi-automatic weapons and automatic weapons.

A semi-automatic weapon fires one bullet each time the trigger is pulled, ejecting the spent round, automatically, and then loading another bullet. In order to fire a semi-automatic weapon, the trigger has to be pulled each time.

Unlike semi-automatic weapons, an automatic weapon continues to fire as long as the trigger is depressed.

As far as gun laws, there are thousands and thousands of gun laws on the books and in order to legally purchase a weapon, there is the FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check, which needs to be, done in order for an individual to purchase a weapon from any federally licensed gun dealer.

The background check is used by licensed firearms dealers to determine if a potential buyer has a criminal record, a history of serious mental illness or a history of domestic abuse, all of which prohibit gun dealers from selling to any of these individuals and buyers from legally obtaining a firearm.

The key word here is “legal”, as far as these laws are concerned, they will be obeyed by those individuals that do things legally.

Some believe there are no background checks done on weapons purchased at Gun Shows, which is false as background check are completed on all gun sales.

One sports commentator made the statement that if one football player did not have a gun he and his child would be alive today. Yes, it was a terrible thing to happen, but in the state of mind he was in, he may have found other ways to commit the killings.

Those that would use guns to commit crimes are not going to legally purchase firearms, they will get them anywhere they can and when a gun is not available, they have used knives, hammers and vehicles, but you do not see anyone trying to ban them.

Because of the anti-gun politics in DC and the fear that more restrictive gun laws will be passed, restricting ownership of weapons, the legal purchases of weapons has increased dramatically. This is also true when it comes to the purchase of ammunition, with many calibers of ammunition being almost impossible to purchase.

The second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states that a well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Owning a weapon is our constitutional right, yet there are groups out there who are working hard to take away our right to bear arms, when the real answer is that gun laws we have now need to be enforced.

History has shown one of the first things dictators, such as Hitler, Stalin did was to ban gun ownership and confiscate guns, eliminating any opposition to the heinous crimes these dictators would commit. Today, many of the countries run by dictators such as China and North Korea do not allow citizens to have guns.

When talk turns to more gun control, hunters and shooters worry about being unable to get guns and ammunition, creating an increase in gun purchases, all of which will be run through the FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check.

I have talked with numerous gun shops and dealers’ asking them about their gun sales and they indicate that gun sales have been strong. Sales are not as strong as they were when President Obama first came into office, but are still on the increase.

Because gun sales are so high, gun and ammunition manufacturers are having a tough time keeping up.”

Do we need more gun laws, I don’t believe so, the thousands of gun laws we currently have need to be enforced and those criminals committing crimes need to be put away for a very long time and not let out to kill again.

When legal guns are taken away from citizens, the only ones who will have guns will be the criminals.